Methods Forum

The Methods Forum was an interdisciplinary collective of communication and information scholars. The Forum has now been closed.

Spring 2017 Seminar series: «WHAT IS AN OPINION?»

1 February: Facts and opinions in the news media. Helle Sjøvaag

15 February: Technologies have opinions too. Lars Nyre

1 March: Reasoning about knowledge, truth and lies. Thomas Ågotnes

8. March: Rationality and Opinions. Ole Hjortland

15 March: Survey analysis and the challenges of ascertaining public opinion. Hilmar Mjelde

19 April: Simmelian Obligations. Marija Slavkovik & Truls Pedersen

29 April: Social Desirability Bias in Social Science Research. Cornelius Cappelen

18 May: What is a fact? Statistical Associations and the Construction of (factual) Knowledge. Jens Woelke

7 June: «Facts vs. Opinions: A Legal Distinction. Sandra Braman

21 June: «Well, that’s Just Your Opinion!» On the Nature of Opinions in Rhetoric and Social Psychology. Jens Kjeldsen


Fall 2016 Programme:

25-26 August: Data Analytics Workshop.

7 September: Abstracts for ICA workshop

21 September: COST Action application workshop

5 October: Abstract workshop for ICA 2017

26 October: TAB

16 November: Lubos Steskal, Samia Touileb, Truls Pedersen: Entity/entity extraction

30 November: Postponed.

14 December: Richard Moe: Text recognition algorithm.


Spring 2016 Programme:

10 February: Marija Slavkovik: Introduction to voting theory

2 March: Hallvard Moe + Jan Fredrik Hovden: Research design for measuring media use for the project «Media Use, Culture and Public Connection: Freedom of Information in ‘The Age of Big Data’» (MeCIn).

30 March: Bente Kalsnes, University of Oslo: Methods for researching social media.

13 April: Lubos Steskal: Introduction to Gephi (Workshop)

27 April: Samia Touileb: Analysing framing automatically. Pavlo Kapustin: Interpreting social data with a semantic natural language framework.

11 May: Frode Guriby: Design ethnography: video analysis and design research

22 June: Samia Touileb & Katherine Duarte: Key phrase extraction for newspaper content analysis + Lubos Steskal: Using LDA to model human reading: an exploratory study

29 June: Truls Pedersen: Applied logic for common sense reasoning


Fall 2015 Programme:

2 September: Erik Knudsen: Framing theory

30 September: Gunn Inger Lyse Samdal, Koenraad de Smedt: INNESS and CLAINO: Infrastructure for language resources

4 November: Lubos Steskal: Exponential Random Graph Model and R

18 November: Kristian Bjørkelo: Studying users of games, for the project «Games and Transgressive Aesthetics»


Spring 2015 Programme:

25 March: Helle Sjøvaag + Truls Pedersen: Automatic analysis of news diversity

8 April: Dag Elgesem + Eirik Stavelin: Automatic content analysis

22 April: Samia Touileb: Natural language processing and sentiment analysis. + Lubos Steskal: topic modelling and network analysis

6 May: Csaba Veres: Mind mapping. Kristine Jørgensen: Analysing users of games, for the project «Games and Transgressive Aesthetics»

27 May: Bjarte Johannesen: Named entity detection. Bjørnar Tessem: Analysing mobile phone use.