Månedens artikkel

Helle Sjøvaag og Arne H. Krumsviks artikkel «In Search of Journalism Funding: Scenarios for Future Media Policy in Norway» er månedens artikkel på The Journalism Studies Resource Centre. Artikkelen kan lastes ned gratis i oktober 2017. Artikkelen er publisert i Journalism Practice.

Abstract: Digitization has caused disruption in the traditional business model of the news media. Policy implementation in the media sector is therefore increasingly raised as an economic question, involving concern for the ability of legacy media to serve as independent platforms for public deliberation. While media policy traditionally tends to focus on unwanted developments (i.e. local monopolies, ownership concentration, etc.), the side-effect often representing an obstacle to innovation, the question is how future media policy should account for innovation needs. Combining media economics, policy analysis and strategic management theory, this article combines interviews with key stakeholders with policy document analysis to a scenario analysis of possible future policy directions enabling innovation in the news industries in Norway.

Lenke: http://www.tandfonline.com/doi/full/10.1080/17512786.2017.1370972

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