Artikkel publisert om mangfold og globale superaktører

Helle Sjøvaag har publisert atikkelen «Media Diversity and the Global Superplayers: Operationalising Pluralism for a Digital Media Market» i Journal of Media Business Studies.

Her følger abstractet:

This article focuses on the problem of operationalising diversity to measure pluralism adjusted to the digital media market. Media diversity can primarily be considered at five levels, including the structure, organisation, production, output, and reception of media messages. Framework conditions are considered explanatory features on a structural level, while organisational aspects reveal variations in resource management. Production aspects account for diversity in reporting norms, while output diversity indicates the distribution and frequency of topics and sources. Reception concerns the diversity of media messages audiences are actually exposed to. The article argues that the fast-growing power of global superplayers warrants more consideration for the media’s infrastructure, urging researchers to adjust how structures are accounted for in media diversity analyses.

Journal of Media Business Studies.

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